About Us

Galeyr Airline is Somalia airline implementing scheduled flights from East Africa to the Middle East. Galeyr Airline started its operation in 2014. Our planes depart from international airport of Mogadishu, opening the new opportunities for the citizens of Somalia in the spheres of travel, tourism and trade, making their lives more interesting.

Galeyr Airline

Our main goal is to help people to travel and spend vacation in comfortable and interesting places. The ambitions and energy, which the company develops, reflects the spirit of the time and the people of Somalia. Our mission is to make traveling to Mogadishu affordable and comfortable, and give an opportunity for our citizens to fly to other countries with the highest level of service.

Our team is a group of professionals doing their best to make every flight as comfortable as possible. We take care and pay much attention to each passenger on board of the plane, in the offices of the airline and the airport.

Flights from Mogadishu to Dubai and back from Dubai to Mogadishu run several times a week to give you the opportunity to fly on vacation, to meet friends and family, to sign a business contract and return back at a convenient time. For our passengers we offer early check-in, fast going through customs and passport control at the airport.

Our aircraft are the most reliable among Mogadishu airlines. Every year we invest large amount of resources in new planes in order to provide you more reliability and flight safety. On board you will be greeted by a professional crew; you will be much satisfied to spend a few hours of flight in comfortable chairs, and a delicious and varied food on board will bring you a real pleasure.

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