Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a route map displaying UIA destinations?

For a list of Galeyr Airline destinations, please see our main page. We are constantly extending our list of destinations, so you might want to contact one of our offices to get the full list of current flights.

How do I find the lowest ticket fares?

The lowest fares for flight tickets are normally offered on flights at off-peak times such as mid-week or during off-peak times of the year. Our online booking facility will display available flights before and after the dates you selected. You also have the option of searching for the lowest fares by including plus or minus 3 days to your travel dates.

Can I reserve a flight which departs from a country other than where I reside?

Yes, You can reserve a flight which departs from a country other than where you reside.

Where can I find more information regarding travelling with animals?

Please click on this link for information on travelling with pet animals.

Can I bring my laptop computer on a flight?

Use of a laptop is permitted during the flight when the "Fasten seat belt" sign is switched off. It is strictly forbidden to use it during take-off and landing. The laptop also has to be switched off on the request of the crew.

Is there a schedule for all available flights?

Please contact one of our offices for the exact list of available flights.

Is flying safe?

Flying is commonly recognized as being the safest mode of transport. Galeyr airline's operational and safety standards are fully in line with international requirements.

May I check in my travel companions?

Yes, you may check in your travel companions as long as they are included in the same booking record as yours. Web check-in is limited to travel groups of up to 9 people. You can choose which companions you would like to check in, give those seats and send their boarding passes to them by entering their e-mail addresses when finishing the check-in Web process.

What shall I present at the gate when boarding?

Only your printed-out boarding pass and your passport.

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