Miles & More

Miles&More is a club program for people flying with Galeyr Airline often. It helps you:

  • To get special offers from Galeyr Airline
  • To buy goods at a special price at Galeyr Airline partners
  • To have a special balance that turns spent money into miles and flown miles into money and extra services
  • To get higher-level services in Galeyr Airline front airports
  • Any other club privileges according to promotion programs

How can you earn miles?

You can earn miles if you:

  • Fly with Galeyr Airline
  • Book a hotel with Galeyr Airline’s service
  • Rent a car with Galeyr Airline’s service
  • Buy goods in a Galeyr Airline partners’ stores
  • Use our promotional offers

You can spend miles for:

  • Flight payment
  • Ordering extra or a higher-level services
  • Renting a car
  • Buying goods on board or in Galeyr Airline partners’ stores

To become a member of Miles&More Galeyr Airline Club, please contact or office or ask a flight attendant for a registration form.

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