Galeyr Airline take great care in ensuring security and safety of our passengers luggage, both during the customs clearance, and during the flight.

To provide you a comfortable flight we ask you to take only necessary things into cabin as hand baggage. Its size should be up to 45x36x20 cm for a handbag/laptop bag and up to 56x45x25 cm for additional cabin bag. Please be sure that it is not so heavy to be lifted in the overhead locker. We ask you to check your hand luggage for the restricted items (liquids, creams, aerosols, etc.)

Checked baggage size that goes in the aircraft hold is limited by 90x75x43 cm. We ask you to pay attention to the package to save things in your baggage.

Weight limits for hand and checked baggage you can learn when buying tickets for your flight or in air company offices. You can extend weight limits by paying an overweight bag charge.

If you have a light collapsible pushchair/stroller, you should notify about it on registration desk and, if allowed, you can take it right to the aircraft board and get it back there at the end of flight.

You can take your wheelchair/mobility aids without any overweight charges. If you need wheelchair/mobility aids in the airport, please notify us in advance, so that we could provide you such service. For your comfort we have wheelchairs on board, but please be sure that you can get into it by yourself or take an assistant with you.

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