Full premium service

Galeyr Airline does all it’s best for its premium passengers feel extra attention and care of the staff, so that the flight will be at the highest level.

For the premium class passengers, we offer the following services:

  • Registration on a special registration desk that allows to save time and not to stay in a queue;
  • Separate baggage drop-off;
  • Invitation to the premium class lounge while waiting for boarding. In the premium loungeswe offer our passengers hot and cold snacks and beverages, we provide information on time of departure, the beginning and end of boarding, communication services (i.e. telephone, fax, connectivity to the Internet), fresh press, the possibility of watching TV channels.
  • Shipping to/from the aircraft by a separate transport. You can also order a taxi to leave the airport.
  • Marking Luggage additional signal tag "Priority";
  • Special seats with extra space and special service on board.
  • Luggage is delivered to the delivery zone of the arrival airport first.
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